Why consumers go loco for logos

Some say that having a logo and branding are not the same. I couldn’t disagree more. Often times company logos are said to be vital as they show ownership over a product or service, a seal of approval over quality and liability. While I would say this is true, I believe logos stand for so much more. They give your business an identity and something that will travel far beyond word of mouth. We as humans engage more with visual content than any other method of marketing so why would you not create an outstanding logo which you can brand your products, business cards, social media and storefront with? This will embed your brand visually in the minds of customers. After all…first impressions are lasting impressions, so by creating a professional looking logo, you’re telling your customers that they can expect an all-round professional experience.

So what makes a good logo?

A logo can be simple element or shape, text or a mix of both. It is a visual symbol which represents your company and its purpose. Some of the most iconic logos such as Nike, McDonald’s, Pepsi and Apple have the simplest designs yet have had a significant impact worldwide with their respective products and services. I’m sure by simply reading that last sentence your mind automatically visualized what each of those business logos look like. That is the aim of any logo, to draw an instant link between the mind of the consumer directly to your product or service.

Iconic logos
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How do we do this?

Well, in order to make this happen, you must have a logo which is completely different to any of your competitors or in fact anyone else in the market. When designing your logo with your graphic designer, you must take into consideration your organization’s values, beliefs, purpose and vision.

Consider factors such as...

  • Typography- Think of your business values and tone, is it corporate, fun, informative etc.

  • Color- What kind of emotion do you want to provoke within your customer; blue= calm, red=alert

  • Shapes- Will you incorporate your name into the emblem? It should add interest and stick to the customers memory easily yet uniquely.

  • Competition- What is currently being done within the same industry, avoid copying other businesses at all costs.

Electric Endgame logo breakdown

This is what differentiates your business from your competitors and that is what your customers will remember when they see your logo, the experience they had dealing with your organization. From this you build trust and rapport as well as customer loyalty. Even if the customer has never in their life heard of your organization, they will see a professional logo and know that you do great work, thus capturing their attention.

You know what they say, a picture says a thousand words.

If you need a proper, professional logo designed exclusively for your business, look no further than Pro Digital Services. With dedicated, in-house graphic designers at hand, we will work with you to cater to your business’ needs and design a logo that will speak to your audience and represent your brand on a national and international scale.

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